Do you have private sessions?

Please contact us for Info. On private sessions Thanks.

Do you have skate lessons on Sundays?

No due to Sparkles Business Schedule.

How many students per a skate session?

8-10 Maximum per a class.

What age groups do you teach?

Skates Out operates classes all year around, at Skates Out we accept ages early as 5yrs old and older for our Youth/Teen/Adult programs. Parents are welcome to join their child in his/her session. Sessions are 50 minutes once per week for 4 weeks, after 4 weeks, completion of course will be rendered.

What is a “Skate Combo?”

You get skate lessons and a new pair of skates. Refer back to the Catalog for more information.

What is the “Waiver of Liability”?

Waiver Liability: I understand that as with all activity, risk is involved in participation in Skates Out and related activities from minimal to catastrophic, I release Skates Out, Sparkles Roller Rink, their Officers, Instructors, Coaches from all responsibilities and all claims for injuries received while participating in the Skates Out and other activities including Student Photo/Picture taking for Skates Out Social Media and Website Use Only

What is the price per session?

Please refer back to the Catalog for pricing information

The Youth/Teen Program, will be a month session one day per week at $85.00 Registration Fee is required. Registration form must be completed in order to start sessions.

The Adult Program, will be a month session one day per week at $95.00 Registration Fee is required. Registration form must be completed in order to start sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?

Registration fee is due the 1 week prior of start of program, any missed sessions/classes during the 4 week course cannot be made up unless Skates Out rendered the cancellation if we adhere, All programs are 1 full month sessions. Skates Out may also be closed (due to the mobile nature of our business) we will make great efforts to contact you early as possible regarding any emergency cancellation of sessions. any cancellation of sessions by Skates Out will be made up at later date with no extra cost to client. 2 week notice is required for withdraw ends your commitment for participation and registration. any returning client will have their registration fee Discounted for purchase of second same program.


What time does the next session start?

SPARKLES GWINNETT Adult sessions are from 9AM until 10AM, Youth sessions are 10AM – 11am.

SPARKLES SMYRNA Adult sessions are from 12:30PM until 1:30PM, Youth sessions are 1:30PM – 2:30PM.

When is payment due?

CASH OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT ONLY FOR ALL IN PERSON REGISTRATIONS AT SPARKLES ROLLER RINK Lawrenceville,GA & Smyrna Ga. Locations……Clients are not eligible for session participation when registration has not been Paid or authorized, any concerns contact us at


When is the next class session?

Skates Out is a four week session, the next skate session starts four weeks prior to the session start date on the website.

Will I learn to skate in 4 weeks?

Yes, if you follow the 3 techniques we teach you.